Years ago we took the Navigator to Legoland. After he enjoyed the park we told him he could spend a set amount of money on a souvenir Lego set. He wavered back and forth trying to decide between a Lego dinosaur set or a Ninjago set. He settled on the
July 26, 2017


The Cleverness of the Visual Mind

One of the best uses of my time has been learning about Minecraft and playing with my son. Along the way, I have learned about Minecraft servers, such as the amazing Autcraft server for kids on the Autism spectrum and their friends and families.

Minecraft has given us a means to connect and share a common interest together, to use as an example for important life lessons, and to show him his interests are important to us. 

The articles on this page share some of our experiences and lessons learned from the Minecraft world.

If you’re just getting started learning about Minecraft, I recommend the articles below:

The Autism Mom’s Guide to Minecraft, which has links to other resources, too; and

Minecraft for Parents which is a book review of a basic how-to guide to Minecraft.


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