Years ago we took the Navigator to Legoland. After he enjoyed the park we told him he could spend a set amount of money on a souvenir Lego set. He wavered back and forth trying to decide between a Lego dinosaur set or a Ninjago set. He settled on the
July 26, 2017


Book & Product Reviews“Is this book informative?”

“Will my child enjoy that movie?”

“Is this a good product for my child?”

Books related to Autism can be extremely helpful in offering guidance, insight, and ideas that help support me as an Autism Mom, and my son and I enjoy reviewing them so that others can learn more.

My movie reviews are sometimes through the eyes of a mom, and sometimes as an Autism Mom, with an eye towards how my son did on sensory and emotional levels. 

Knowing the pros and cons of a product can be helpful when making a decision to try and buy. I offer my honest opinions and hope that you find them helpful!

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