Autism and TravelAs a family we enjoy traveling. Yes, it takes more time, planning and preparation to enable our son with Autism to travel, but it is important to us to abide by Autism Mom Rule Number Four:

Do All The Things

I deeply believe that I owe it to my son not to deny or deprive him of experiences because of his Autism.

When he was four he said he wanted to see the dinosaurs at the Smithsonian. A conveniently timed business trip got us there. As we walked past the Washington Monument, he announced he wanted to go to New York City next to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History museum. There was another conveniently timed business trip.

Then came his diagnosis and I wondered how his desire to see dinosaur museums or visit other places would be effected by our new-found knowledge.

As a good Autism parent, do I avoid stimulus and change that are difficult for him to handle? Do we not travel any more?

I very quickly dismissed that question. It would do him no good to put him in a plastic bubble and let Autism stand in the way of things he wanted to do.

Thus began our goal of developing strategies, tool, and supports so he can learn how to prepare for, engage in, and rejuvenate from activities that he wants to do.

When he becomes an adult, it is my hope that he is equipped with the self-awareness, tools, and strategies he needs to empower himself to do whatever he wants, whether it is going to the movies, going to the store, or going to India.

This page shares tools, strategies, tips and lessons-learned on our travels.