Resources and ToolsThe journey of an Autism Mom involves a lot of reading and trying out new tools to make life a little easier for our son and ourselves.

I found it odd? frustrating? that after we learned our son was on the Autism spectrum there was never any kind of information like “X therapy will help with Y issue and that can be received at Z therapy center.”

We were told the diagnosis, areas and kinds of things that he would likely struggle with, and then were sent home.

The diagnosis was not the first time this kind of guidance didn’t happen – we have also utilized a behavioralist and a therapist for specific issues, both coming back with: These are the things you need to do.

Basically Autism Dad and I give him his “therapies,” leaning heavily on

  • the structure the school has provided through special education,
  • reading a lot,
  • learning from others, and
  • relying on our own experiences and pattern recognition skills.

Wanting to share with others what we have learned, this page highlights materials and tools that we have either found or created which have been helpful. 

Other available resources include:

Video Tutorials

IEP Tools and Strategies

Book, Product, and Movie Reviews

Autism and Travel

Autism Pinterest Resources

I am not a therapist or any kind of expert, just a mom looking for ways to help my child. I would love to hear about successful ideas, tools and strategies that have worked for you – please use the comment form below to share!


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The resources offered here are not intended to be used instead of getting professional advice, or instead of anything a professional has recommended, and I strongly recommend consulting professionals, and doing a lot of research and reading to figure out how to best help your child.