To his First Grade Teacher who said: “He needs to walk a different path, one that is better tailored for his needs.”

To his IEP Case Manager who said: “Let him have a safe place so that he can learn of his own strength.”

To his Second Grade Teacher who said: “Let him learn about whales so that he can see there is more to the beauty of our world than dinosaurs.”

To his Speech Teacher who said: “Let us give him structure so that he can learn of his own intelligence.”

To his Third Grade Teacher who said: “Let him have the flexibility to have a space to stim with dignity and without making him feel different.”

To his Fourth Grade Teacher who said: “Let him climb a mountain!” And he did – one of his proudest moments.

To his Counselor who said: “Let us show him possibilities so that he can learn of his own courage.”

To his Fifth Grade Teacher who said: “He wants to learn but doesn’t always know how – through patience and care we will find the way.”

To his Music Teachers who said: “Let him find the music within him.”

To his Principal who said: “He is family.”

And to the so many others who treated him, and us, like family.


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