The Navigator likes to keep his toothbrush and toothpaste on the counter next to his sink, inches from the edge. Right next to the light switch. Every time Autism Dad or I go into his bathroom and reach for the light switch, we knock over his toothpaste, toothbrush, or both.

This upsets the Navigator because he doesn’t want his toothbrush touching anything, and I can’t blame him. But he doesn’t want to put the toothbrush anywhere else. He says “I want to be able to grab it quickly” and moving it a few inches further back to safeguard it from falling over apparently defeats that purpose.

Maybe we need to use this problem-solving tool I found on Pinterest. Regular readers know that Pinterest is my go-to place for ideas, strategies and tools. This tool comes from District Behavior Resource Teachers website (though the tool doesn’t show up on the site – fortunately, it can still be gotten off of Pinterest).

The site does have a great guide on telling the difference among peer conflict, mean behavior, and bullying as well as sensory regulation strategies, among other interesting information. It is worth checking out.

Problem Solving

Speaking of teeth, I had the pleasure of recently reading a great blog post about all of the options available for tooth care, which I pinned to my board on Pinterest. The post on Aspergers and Me talks about the different things a person must take into account and decide upon when caring for their teeth. I found it to be a thorough, enjoyable read.

When the Navigator is older, I will share it with him so he can start thinking about what he wants in his oral hygiene. First we need to stop his toothbrush from falling over.

Teeth Care

On a different note, Katie Schellenberg of Beyond Tutoring kindly shared a document called Minecraft Review, with information about Minecraft, how it can be used as an educational tool, and Minecraft party ideas. She even more kindly gave me permission to share it with you. You can click the link to download the document as a pdf.  

The Cleverness of the Visual Mind

What interesting things have you found lately?


  1. I am so fortunate to have you to do the digging on Pinterest. I like the problem solving tool. I may just use that to get him to understand just what he should be brushing (this is still a battle)- He doesn’t always hit everything.