The Autism Mom blog shares autism ideas, news, strategies and tools, and lessons learned from one mom with one child and one experience on the autism spectrum.

 Welcome and thank you for visiting! My name is Elizabeth and I am the mom to a wonderful boy on the Autism spectrum whom we call the Navigator.

Shortly after the Navigator was diagnosed with Autism, I quit my full-time job, which required a lot of national travel, to work at home and provide him more structure and support.

Personal and thoughtful, Autism Mom is about how author Elizabeth came to discover and learned to support her autistic son, who she refers to on the blog as the Navigator. While everyone’s path is different, this blogger hopes her writing will be useful to families with children on the spectrum. She shares time-saving tools, strategies, and ideas, and also provides awareness for those who are not familiar with autism. ~ Healthline – The Best Autism Blogs of 2016

We were offered very little post-diagnosis guidance by professionals and, with enormous help from his school, primarily learned on our own the best ways to support and guide our son. With that in mind, I started writing Autism Mom so that others could learn from our experiences.

I write primarily from the perspective of my own experiences and lessons-learned, not those of my son. When I do write from his perspective or in his voice it is with his permission and approval, along with my adult- and parent-level analysis to protect his privacy and respect his dignity.

Autism Mom shares a range of ideas, news and life experiences surrounding the world of raising a child with autism … her blog is filled with tons of really useful advice, all from lessons that she has learnt raising her son. It is really inspiring to see the kind of lengths she’s gone to. A must-read! ~ UKS Mobility – 15 Most Inspirational Personal Autism Blogs of 2015

It is my hope that the challenges, successes, tools, and lessons shared can be of help to others; I  also greatly value learning from others’ experiences, and encourage you to use the comment form below to share your successful tools and strategies. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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