The Autism Mom blog shares autism ideas, news, strategies and tools, and lessons learned from one mom with one child and one experience on the autism spectrum.


Welcome! My name is Elizabeth and I am the mom to a wonderful autistic son who is called the Navigator in articles I write.

What I Write About

I write about autism-related challenges, successes, tools, and lessons-learned, primarily from the perspective of my own experiences, not those of my son. When I do write from his perspective or in his voice it is with his permission and approval. 

All articles are written using my adult- and parent-level analysis with the goal of protecting his privacy and respecting his dignity.

Why I Write

When we first starting learning about autism, the amount of disparate information that was available was sometimes difficult to wade through and often overwhelming. I started to blog in the hope that our experiences could be of help to others.

I also greatly value learning from others’ experiences, and encourage you to share your successes. Please click here to share your ideas, strategies, and tools – polite comments and respectful feedback are also welcome.

More About Our Autism Experience

On this page are links to articles such those questions that are frequently asked of me and include things like

  • when and how did we know our son was autistic
  • how his autism unique to him
  • yes he does know and how we told him about it

There is an article about my personal parenting philosophy; more on what I will and won’t write about my son; and, if you’re really interested, an interview of me from a few years ago.

Why I Use “Autistic” Instead of “Person With Autism” When I Talk About My Son’s Autism

In short, because he asked me to. Before he asked, I used “on the autism spectrum,” and this is why.

Favorite Articles

Sometimes I am asked which articles are my or my son’s favorites – a random selection of favorites is included here as well.

Am I Really Into Star Trek?

Yes, I really am. But have no fear if you’re not a big fan, I don’t work it into articles too often.

If you are a big fan, here is a whole page of Star Trek-related articles.

The Gatekeeper Questions

Sometimes I receive messages and notes from people asking me to answer what I call the “Gatekeeper Questions” – questions about my opinions and stances on such things as vaccines, cures, ABA, etc.

While I feel no obligation to answer those questions, the answers can be very important to some and I respect that need.

The best answer I can give is to refer readers to a post by Chris Bonnello at Autistic Not Weird. It is a brilliant post, discussing some of the disagreements that can arise in the autism community, and recommending understanding and respect for differing view points.

I agree with the positions taken by Chris. 

A plea to the autism community, from one of your own


I am the neuro-typical mom of an autistic child and I write from that perspective. If you are looking for blogs by autistic parents, please visit the Autism First Voices page, which includes links to blogs, videos, books, and art by autistics.

Autism First Voices

If you are looking to learn how my love of Star Trek guided my parenting, and how we used it to help our son better understand his autism (along with a little Doctor Who) please visit the Autism & Star Trek page.

Autism & Star Trek

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