VideosWhen I worked my full-time, outside the house job, I gave a lot of presentations. It was just part of what I did – wrote stuff and then presented on it.

After I left that job to work from home to better support the Navigator, I still had that “make a presentation” mind-set about a lot of the tools and strategies we were developing.

First I started making presentations on Prezi (I love Prezi – it is like Power Point except in a non-linear format. Much more versatile!).

The problem with Prezi is that to make it available on the internet folks have to go to the Prezi site. You can’t just embed it into the body of an article, for example and that makes it less convenient for people to watch.

So I converted the Prezis into YouTube videos. Those are the videos available on the Autism Mom YouTube channel, like the video tutorial on how I help my son clean his room, and how we eliminated screen time on school days based on the article Never on a School Day.

The videos are to the right and the articles are listed below.