Awareness - Just the Beginning

Autism doesn’t happen only in April.

People on the Autism spectrum need more than blue lights and puzzle piece art.

They need more than Autism awareness.

Autism awareness is just the beginning – people on the Autism spectrum also need

  • Autism understanding
  • Autism acceptance
  • Autism respect

Here’s how to learn more…

Autism Awareness

A is for Autism

It is not enough to be aware that Autism exists. Understanding specific examples of what Autism looks like across the spectrum is needed.

And when one understands more about all the different ways Autism manifests, people can learn what they can do to promote acceptance across the spectrum. With acceptance can come respect for each individual on the spectrum.

What can you do? Here are some examples of how to go beyond Autism in schools.

Autism Understanding

The Golden Rule of Autism Understanding

People make conclusions about behavior and base decisions about others based on behavior. With someone on the Autism spectrum, however, any or all of expected behavior in social situations may or may not happen.

How might it change people’s discomfort, disapproval, disrespect, and fear if they know that unexpected behavior stemmed from Autism?

Want to understand more? Here are some examples of unexpected behavior that might be seen from a person on the Autism spectrum.

Autism Acceptance

10 Acts of Autism Acceptance

OK, says the person who is learning about Autism awareness-understanding-acceptance-respect. I am aware of Autism and have gained some understanding of what it is. What can I do to demonstrate acceptance?

A key component of successfully changing behavior is when people are not only told what they need to know but also what they need to do.

What can you do? Here is a wholly non-comprehensive list of things people can do to demonstrate Autism acceptance.

Autism Respect

The Beautiful Otherness of the Autistic Mind

Respect is described as “a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity, and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem.”

How can you show respect? Here are some examples of ways to show respect to people on the Autism spectrum and their care givers.


What examples of Autism awareness – understanding – acceptance – respect can you think of?

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